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Digital marketing

5 reasons why email marketing is important

When it comes to small business marketing, many professionals are refocusing their energy on email campaigns. As it becomes harder than ever to make your business stand out from the crowd on oversaturated social platforms, email marketing allows you to directly and effectively communicate with your clients. Here’s why accountants should try it, too.

1. It’s cost-effective

Unlike other forms of marketing – such as social media advertising or pay-per-click campaigns – email marketing can cost you next to nothing. MailChimp is one of the leading, fully integrated email marketing tools around and is free to use for up to 2000 subscribers. So, if you’re only beginning to explore this realm of marketing, all it will cost is the time you’re willing to invest to craft your first campaign.

2. It’s instantly measurable

Any marketing activity should be measurable to determine success or failure – and email marketing is instantly measurable. Campaign tools allows you to instantly analyse your impact and make adjustment for future send-outs. Not only can you access demographic information, but you can view your open rates, click rates, and which links and calls to action (CTAs) people responded to best. With so much information at your fingertips, learning what works best for your audience is easier than ever.

3. It’s highly effective

If done well, email campaigns can convert consumers in a way other channels can’t, because you’re addressing people who are already aware of your business. Successful campaigns usually contain two integral components; compelling incentives to become a customer, and highly actionable content. The former can be insider information or special offers on your services, the latter can take the shape of product links and a strong call to action.

Since your main objective is to convert leads, your email should contain content that entices people to enquire or make bookings. To do this, you need to maintain your audience’s interest by breaking up direct service promotions with otherwise valuable information. Just ensure it’s still related to your field.

4. It harnesses the power of all your platforms

Once you’re receiving a decent amount of website traffic from search engines or social media, you can try to harness this attention to grow your email subscription list. A great way to entice people to sign up is by offering them a stimulus to do so. For example, your social media followers might be interested to receive some tips for small business bookkeeping in exchange for subscribing to your mailing list.

Content like this would be on-brand, showcasing your expertise while also providing a strong incentive to become a part of your email audience. You can also share your email campaigns directly on social media and use relevant online content to populate your mail-outs.

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