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Tory Archbold
Growing a business

Grow your business with the help of a QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor

Hi my name is Tory Archbold and I am the CEO and founder of Powerful Steps, and the host of the podcast Powerful Stories. I created my first business, a brand and communications agency called TORSTAR, when I was 24. In 2019, I created Powerful Steps, an online community that aims to empower others in the business and entrepreneurial space.

As CEO and founder of Powerful Steps, I realised I needed a seamless solution that would connect accounts with our CRM, sales funnels, payment solution, and socials for a 360 experience that delivered for our business and clients.

As a small business owner, I was looking for someone who understood my life purpose and could partner with my female-led company to lead growth-based fiscal solutions. I turned to the QuickBooks team for a recommendation as they sponsored the launch of my podcast back in November 2020. It was during that time that I discovered that we had a shared value set.

So, when I asked the team at QuickBooks to recommend an advisor who could help run the “engine room” of Powerful Steps – I knew I could trust their referral. I knew I needed to get organised quickly to ensure that my business had a foundation for financial success.

Growing my business through QuickBooks’ ProAdvisor network

QuickBooks put me in touch with Lielette Calleja, a Top 100 Global ProAdvisor and a QuickBooks and Australian Tax Office partner.

Lielette has a clear understanding of tax requirements—not to mention an empowering money-making mindset—and from the beginning, I found her insights into how to maximise output while increasing profit to be a valuable asset to my business.

Lielette immediately understood my business goals and model. Not only did she help deliver a strong foundation between the technology funnels we were using, but she also suggested solutions to improve them. She deep-dove into the heart of our business and was dedicated to its success from day 1, because she was the type of woman who would use our services. That’s what I call soul-based alignment!

In the past, Powerful Steps struggled to think ahead when it came to handling its finances. This year, because of my investment in a strategic partner who understood my personal and business goals, we have routine check-ins and always know where our finances stand.

In fact, with Lielette’s assistance, we were ready a month in advance leading up to tax time. This extra time allowed me the time I needed to fulfill a long-held dream: writing a book to empower others!

Working year-around with Lielette keeps my finances organised and lets me focus on the growth of my company. I shared my personal goal to achieve a better work-life balance in my monthly catch-ups with Lielette, and she helped me get there.

Grow Your Business with QuickBooks

6 powerful steps to strengthen the fiscal health of your small business

  1. Invest in a relationship with a Quickbooks partner. In the past I used consultants and accounting firms who were not tech-savvy or skilled at driving business growth. It wasted valuable time and gave me a few gray hairs!
  2. Invest time and energy to form a powerful partnership with an advisor who has a proven track record and understands your business goals. Together, you can pave out a runway for success.
  3. Stay accountable to your goals. This year I knew I was taking 6 weeks off to write my book, and I worked with our advisor to make that happen.
  4. Trust that technology can deliver. The old-school way of doing business is to trust yourself. It took me a while to trust technology, but over time it’s become my best friend!
  5. Make the time to understand the system. While I highly recommend that you have an advisor on a monthly retainer, you also need to know the system you are empowering them to use to deliver results for your business. I scheduled three days to train myself, which I found to be a powerful tool kit when running reports for my business.
  6. You cannot buy good health and happiness. Peace of mind is an asset that empowers you to achieve your small business and financial goals!

My financial advisor empowered me to understand that technology works for you, not against you. In the past we were reliant on people to deliver the answers we needed and spent hours and hours chasing down information during tax time, when their own businesses were overloaded. It was an incredibly frustrating experience.

How QuickBooks helps me track my business growth

Having access to QuickBooks’s 24/7 app made it so that frustration did not take up any more valuable time in my business. My favourite QuickBooks tools are the app, the business snapshot, and getting things done on the dashboard. Having QuickBooks in the palm of my hand helps me stay on top of my finances and track my business growth.

The QuickBooks app delivers instantaneous business snapshots, ensuring that if there is “no pay” there is “no play” with my business programs – an improvement that allows me to power forward in business and life.

With these upfront payment systems in place, we have the peace of mind that comes from knowing our business is working for us, and we have been able to redirect funds to invest in new and exciting customer experiences, streamlining our processes and helping Powerful Steps become an industry leader.

The payment notifications I receive from my QuickBooks app give me joy, as each one is confirmation that my business is organically growing. Working together with a financial advisor lets me focus my time and energy on growing my business and connecting with the powerful women around me.

Ready to connect with a ProAdvisor to ensure the financial health of your business? Find an accounting advisor near you here.

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