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6 Ways to Use Marketing Collateral to Grow Your Business
Growing a business

6 Ways to Use Marketing Collateral to Grow Your Business

It is important that your target audience is aware of your business offering. Using marketing collateral wisely can help connect with your customers and ultimately motivate them to engage with your business instead of one of your competitors.

In the current competitive landscape for businesses, it’s vital to create marketing collateral that resonates with customers to build an emotional connection with your brand.

But what exactly is marketing collateral, and how can you use it to grow your business?

What is Marketing Collateral?

As a small business owner, you might be the one creating marketing materials to engage your audience, raise brand awareness, and move prospects along the buyer’s journey.

The collective term for these materials is marketing collateral. 

Marketing collateral can be any form of content used to help raise awareness and sell your products or services.

Examples include:

  • Digital content such as blog, videos, and ebooks and your website’s landing pages
  • Presentations
  • Social media ads
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Point of sale displays
  • Print marketing campaigns

This list is not exhaustive. What constitutes marketing collateral is ever-evolving and will vary from business to business.

The Benefits of Having Marketing Collateral

The marketing assets that make up your marketing collateral are essential to your business for several reasons.

Effective marketing collateral helps your business acquire new customers and build a relationship with current customers.It also:

  • Helps drive profit

The best marketing collateral can catch a potential customer’s attention and convince them to engage with your business. This engagement can lead to increased sales and profit.

  • Helps spread brand awareness

Well-distributed marketing collateral lets you spread the word about your business and its story. Getting that message to the right audience will make them learn more about your brand and its offering.

  • Generate qualified leads

Use marketing collateral as a lead generation tool to contact your ideal customers and start a conversation

  • Share information

Modern businesses must provide value to customers. Educate customers and potential customers about your products, services, company, and the broader industry.

  • Support sales teams

Provide marketing collateral that supports sales team members’ activities. Your sales team should have materials on hand to share with prospects at any stage of the customer journey. 

  • Can address customer concerns

Customers have pain points, so use your marketing collateral to address those and frame your product or service as a solution. They may even have objections to your company. Address any concerns in your collateral to influence their purchasing decision.

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6 Ways to Use Marketing Collateral to Grow Your Business

One thing to realise is that all businesses create marketing collateral. To grow your business, you need to think carefully about your marketing collateral strategy to create materials that resonate with your target market and deliver results. 

Here are 6 points to consider when setting out your marketing collateral strategy:

1. Be bold and show what’s different 

Don’t be afraid to take the road less travelled. Don’t play it safe and try to copy what everybody else in your industry is doing and hope for the best.

Instead, favour a bold approach to your brochures, adverts, and digital content that reflects your unique offering to the customer. 

Be even more direct by sharing your point of difference and convince the customer why they should choose you over your competitors. 

Focus on what sets you apart, whether it’s a unique product, cutting-edge technology, your tone of voice, or an eye-catching colour scheme. Whatever it is, put it front and centre to catch attention.

2. Be consistent

A surefire way to stifle growth is to try a million different messages in your marketing materials.

Instead, convey a consistent brand message across all marketing collateral so that the customer encounters the same brand through every touchpoint.

Tell the same brand story with the same visual and verbal elements through every touchpoint so that, in time, the audience can easily recognise your brand. If customers build a relationship with your brand over time through this consistent message, you enable growth through customer loyalty. 

3. Meet the audience where they are

How do you choose the marketing materials you invest in? Your marketing campaigns should meet the audience wherever they are. This means that the marketing collateral you share will depend on your business and its target market.

For example, for a B2B business, contacting prospects via email and sharing informational ebooks is a great way to build relationships. 

If your target gen-z customers, video content should be a priority as research has found that they consume video content much more than static imagery.

So, it’s a fundamental marketing principle that you deliver your messaging to the right audience on the right platform for the best chance of business growth.

4. Keep it concise

Get to the point in your marketing collateral and avoid sharing too much information that can overload the audience. 

Concise, purposeful messaging that addresses a customer’s pain points and identifies your product or service as a solution is a great combination.

Take this approach to marketing collateral to enable growth for your business. 

5. Follow-up

Following up is crucial because many clients and customers won't be prepared to decide after interacting with just one piece of marketing content.

You’ll need to create marketing collateral that targets customers whether they are at the awareness stage or closer to conversion. 

This is why following up with clients with materials that guide them through the funnel is critical to converting more sales for your business, especially in the B2B environment.

Of course, you also don’t want to oversaturate customers with too much content. Always track your marketing metrics to gauge the right balance for how often you should be getting your message out there.

6. Pay attention to the customers you have

Loyal customers will grow your business, and it's often cheaper to keep them happy than acquire new customers.

So, continuously share marketing collateral that offers value to your current customers. Always try to solve new problems for them and educate on issues related to your industry, products, or services.

You can obtain tremendous growth potential with a content marketing campaign that aims to build that emotional connection between current customers and your brand.


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