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Key Benefits of Payroll Software

It’s easy to understand why having a payroll system is vital to any business.

Save time

Payroll accounting software such as QuickBooks Payroll powered by Employment Hero takes the manual number crunching out of the process. It can also track leave taken, expenses, bonuses, holiday pay, overtime, super and hourly pay or salaries. With the advent of open banking, payments are faster and more secure than ever.

Simplify payroll compliance

Staying up-to-date with current tax rates can feel like a constant game of catch-up. But there’s no need to worry with payroll software. It can track and update all the latest rates so that you are always using the latest tax tables. QuickBooks payroll software includes inbuilt Single Touch Payroll (STP) and pre-built awards to help you stay compliant.

Improved accuracy

As with all aspects of your business, manual data entry increases the risk of human error and potentially costly mistakes. Under-deductions, late payments, miscalculations – they’re all part and parcel of a manual entry system. When all the number crunching is handled by your payroll software, that risk is reduced. You’ll be on top of your record keeping obligations, so it’s much easier to meet deadlines and make payments to the ATO in plenty of time. Especially with a built-in reminder.

Increase employee satisfaction

QuickBooks Payroll offers employees access to their own portal. This gives them restricted access to the system and allows them to check details, see their payment history and even book time off. Using payroll software promotes transparency with employees and helps build trust among your employees, ensuring they feel confident that they will get paid the right amount on time.

Grow Your Business with QuickBooks

Generate automatic payslips

By law, all employers are required to give each employee a payslip with the details of their pay and any deductions. It’s important that you ensure that the payroll software you choose lets you produce smart (ideally customisable), secure and compliant payslips that can be printed or emailed as well as PAYG summaries (only applicable to those still not on STP reporting) and payroll reports.

Organised record keeping

Payroll software will make your year-end easier with organised record keeping. Automatic tracking, recording and reporting is offered as part of most payroll software. These features make the year end far less stressful for you or your payroll manager – gone are the days of paperwork mountains.

Access payroll data anytime, anywhere

Payroll Software such as QuickBooks allows you to access your employees data anywhere, anytime from multiple devices. With 24/7 access to your payroll records, you can easily streamline your payroll process and work from anywhere.

Why choose QuickBooks Payroll software

QuickBooks Payroll powered by Employment Hero, can help you simplify your payroll – you’ll be glad of this when it comes to year end. With more time on your hands, you’ll be able to concentrate on what really matters - growing your business. For tips on setting up QuickBooks Payroll, head to the Payroll Resource Hub for articles and guides to help you get started.

Disclaimer: Intuit does not provide professional advice. We may provide you with information that may be of use to you, however this is not to be considered as a substitute for getting your own professional advice. Intuit is not liable to you for your use or reliance on the information provided by it.

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