Your QuickBooks Guide to Single Touch Payroll


STP has been on the radar for some time. The newly introduced legislation requires employers to streamline their payroll reporting.


Using payroll software, employers must report tax and super info directly to the ATO with each 'payroll event'. That means, every time you do a pay run, you have to send your data to the ATO.



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Single Touch Payroll benefits for SMB clients    


Becoming Single Touch Payroll ready is more than just adopting new accounting software. STP can be a great timesaver for your clients as well as improving accuracy when generating payroll.

Preparing your firm for Single Touch Payroll (STP)    See all


Take advantage of the new legislation and turn compliance into something more rewarding. During this busy period for the accounting industry, we're here to help you embrace the challenge.

How Single Touch Payroll (STP) works    


Our powerful payroll software works behind the scenes to deliver your client’s data directly to the ATO with every pay run.

Hear how QuickBooks is helping accountants with Single Touch Payroll compliance

When you enable STP within QuickBooks, you are able to submit your payroll information to the ATO. With just a click of a button, it just keeps you compliant with the new rules.


Adarsh Dutt, Co-Founder - Oyster Hub

We use QuickBooks for most of our clients. It's STP compliant and has the tools that the building industry needs.



Maria Cavallaro, Founder - Tradie Troopers

QuickBooks for Accountants and Bookkeepers    


Compliant payroll is just the start. QuickBooks Online Accountant will help you manage your clients and run your practice like a pro.



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