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Small businesses are the backbone of British industry. There are 5.7 million of them in the UK and they account for a whopping 34.5% of our economy. Here at QuickBooks we love discovering the individual stories behind every enterprise—stories of challenges, determination and success. So this October we hit the road to find out how scary it is when you’re the boss.

Seasonal peaks

Running your own business can have its spine-chilling moments. Especially if your success hinges on a key date every year. With the spectre of Halloween looming, we took a closer look a couple of small businesses owners who are focused on a major, unmovable moment.

Harry Pill runs video production business Fresh Cut. Every Halloween, he sees a dramatic surge in briefs as customers ask for commercials, documentaries and corporate videos themed around the spookiest of seasons. 

Sam Samani runs WowBox, a monthly box of snacks, drinks and alcoholic products perfectly tailored to meet individual customers’ tastes. During Halloween, Sam sees a huge increase in demand as gifting meets trick or treating.

Everyday challenges

So what terrors have Sam and Harry had to face in the course of running their small businesses? From scaling resources and managing cash flow to balancing stock and going to some extraordinary lengths to deliver for their customers, there have been plenty of challenges along the way. Smart financial management software, such as QuickBooks Online supports small businesses every day with essential insights and time-saving tech.

Exciting developments

We also chatted to Harry and Sam about how Open Banking will benefit their business. It’s been our key focus here at QuickBooks as we make it easy for customers to connect their banks, get instant data going back 2 years and cut back on data entry. And with all sorts of personalised products on the horizon there are lots more exciting innovations on the way.

Find out more about Open Banking on our dedicated webpage and get advice on cash flow, VAT and more on the QuickBooks blog. It’s all part of the support we offer to small businesses in the UK

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