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Easy cash flow forecast management

Move forward with cash flow confidence

Take control of your cash flow and make smarter business decisions. Only QuickBooks offers cash flow forecasting at no extra charge.

Mastering your business cash flow

Understand your finances past, present and future

Get a view of two years worth of transactions, run up-to-the minute cash flow reports and see where you stand for the next 90 days.

Always know the ins and outs

See an instant snapshot of your situation based on real-time data.

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See what's ahead for your business

Get a 90-day cash flow projection based on recurring expenses and transactions. Available on IOS and web.

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Let us help you explore your options

See how every action – from borrowing to cutting costs – could affect your business future for multiple scenarios.

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Get the full financial picture

New upgraded bank connections are the secret to understanding your cash flow in real time. Connect all your bank accounts and credit cards to see all your accounts in one place.

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Stay effortlessly up to date

Automatic categorisation and faster reconciliation means accurate accounts and more time to spend on your business.

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There’s a plan whatever your business needs

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"Since we started using the QuickBooks Cash Flow Planner, we no longer rely on tracking this manually in a spreadsheet. It saved us a lot of time and frustration and gives me the knowledge that I need to make decisions."

Kristan Shamus, Owner, Cora Bella Weddings & Events

Cash flow tips

When you work for yourself, it’s important to understand the cash inflows and outflows of your business and your bank accounts. That’s where our practical guides to managing your cash flow can help. Find out how mastering cash flow can help you protect or grow your business.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a cash flow forecast?

    A cash flow forecast is a prediction of how your cash flow will look in the weeks or months ahead. By analysing your scheduled income and outgoings, QuickBooks can indicate whether there's any cause for concern about running out of cash, up to 90 days in the future.
  • Why is a cash flow forecast important?

    It gives you time to take the appropriate action. With 90 days warning that you may be facing some problems, may be able to cut some of your costs, look at alternative income streams by offering a new product or service, or even consider applying for a loan. If you rely on your current figures, you may only recognise a problem when it is too late to take remedial steps.
  • How can I improve my current cash flow situation?

    Communication is the key. If you have bills coming up, get in touch with your suppliers and ask them if you can arrange a payment plan. You'll find email templates on this topic in the QuickBooks blog. On the flip side, if you have customers who haven't yet paid, don't be afraid to give them a polite nudge - you can even set automatic reminders for QuickBooks invoices.

    Depending on your situation, it could also be worthwhile offering customers a small discount for early payment. You might decide it's worth taking that small hit to keep your money inflows in a healthy state and save yourself a few sleepless nights.
  • What is scenario planning and how does it work?

    This is the process of looking at possible actions you could take for your business so you get a clearer understanding of the impact these steps would have. For example, you could use scenario planning to look at the consequences of taking out a loan. You'd see the short-term positive financial boost, but also how long the repayments might increase your outgoings for.
  • How easy is it to compare my financial situation this year to last year?

    It's simple in QuickBooks. New upgraded bank connections mean that you can import up to 2 years worth of data making it possible to do a month-by-month comparison of your financial situation.
  • When it comes to understanding my financial situation, how can QuickBooks help?

    As a business owner, you may have one main bank account for your business, but it's likely that you'll also be using credit cards, and possibly supplementary accounts too. By connecting all of your relevant bank accounts and credit cards to QuickBooks, you'll be able to see your overall balance at a glance and have a better understanding of your cash position in real time.