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Introducing the QBOA Business Performance dashboard
product update

Introducing the QBOA Business Performance dashboard

Small businesses need to make critical decisions every day to keep their businesses healthy and strong, but they often don’t have the financial expertise to make these decisions.

Accountants are in the best space to help push their clients’ businesses to the next level by giving advisory services. QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) can give you the tools you need to become a more confident advisor to your clients.

Business Performance dashboard

The Business Performance dashboard is now available to all QBOA users. You can find the new dashboard when you click on the Overview tab and select Business Performance.

What does the dashboard do?

The Business Performance dashboard will help you keep your clients on track using a more visual and consolidated view. There are currently two sections on the dashboard. We will continue to add functions and make improvements as we get more feedback.

Here are the key features of the Business Performance dashboard:

Key metrics 

The key metrics section will let you quickly see how your client is doing financially compared to a past time period. You can easily adjust the time period with the two drop downs provided.

When a circle is green it means the numbers are looking better when compared to the past time period, and when a circle is orange, it indicates the numbers are not doing as well.


Trends allows you to see a holistic performance of your client in a visual view – without having to pull the data together one by one. You can use trends to compare data year on year and identify where your clients can improve. This year, we’ll also launch the ‘Industry Comparisons’ feature so you can compare those to other similar businesses in the area.


We will soon be adding an export function to the dashboard, so you can quickly share information with your clients, and add notes on an excel or pdf export.

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