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2017-05-10 00:17:29How To Run Your BusinessEnglishStruggling to find more hours in your work day? These productivity apps can help your small business save time. View the full list here and...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2017/05/Apps.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/how-to-run-your-business/10-best-time-saving-productivity-apps-for-your-small-business/Save time for your business with these 10 Productivity Apps | QuickBooks Australia

10 best time-saving productivity apps for your small business

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It’s no secret that small business owners are perpetually busy. These 10 time-saving apps can help you track your hours, make the most of every day and, most importantly, reduce time wasting.

1. RescueTime (Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Linux)

You can’t change what you can’t measure, so start tracking how you spend your day with RescueTime. This app lets you log your online and offline activities so you can find out where those hours go. Fix your worst time-wasting habits by setting an alert, for example, to tell you when you’ve reached an hour playing Candy Crush.

2. QuickBooks Online (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)

Want to save time on your accounting and bookkeeping tasks? QuickBooks Online pulls together your invoices, revenue, payroll, tax and more so you have all the relevant information in one place. Find out more about this accounting software here.

3. Deputy (iOS, Android)

Staff rosters are fiddly, time-consuming beasts. Deputy helps you and your employees juggle availability and, best of all, links to QuickBooks Online so your payroll updates automatically.

4. YouCanBook.me (Mac, PC)

YouCanBook.me is a web app that lets you adjust when you’re free so clients can schedule a meeting or appointment without the to-and-fro of finding mutual availability. It’s perfect for service providers such as massage therapists or real estate agents on the go.

5. LightArrow (iOS)

Get organised with an app that’s like a dynamic to-do list, expense tracker and customer relationship tool in one. At a glance, view your progress then easily prioritise tasks, projects and people. It even allows you to quickly convert information from email and social media into activities.

6. Proven (iOS, Android)

High-turnover industries like retail and hospitality will love Proven. The app helps you post vacant positions on several job boards and social media platforms at once, then saves you time when it comes to sorting through applicants by filtering resumes and managing candidates.

7. Hootsuite (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)

If social media is a must for your business marketing but you can only dedicate time once a week to develop content, use Hootsuite as your one-stop portal to schedule and monitor your platforms, from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

8. Base CRM (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)

Track leads, sales pipelines and closed deals with Base CRM. It provides real-time updates from mobile salespeople and, best of all, turns data into sales reports and analytics at the press of a button.

9. TextExpander (Mac, PC, iOS)

If you find yourself typing out boilerplate responses to staff, clients or suppliers, use TextExpander to save time. Think predictive text, but much more comprehensive.

10. Evernote (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)

Forget back-of-the-napkin inspiration. Evernote lets you catalogue notes and save webpages so you can access them across your phone, tablet and computer at a more convenient time. The search function sure beats flicking through a notebook trying to find that brilliant idea you had last Thursday.

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