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Building a quote in Quickbooks Self-Employed

I would like to build an estimate for a project in Quickbooks self-employed. There does not seem to be an option to do that in the invoicing section. Am I missing something? 

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Re: Building a quote in Quickbooks Self-Employed

No, as I understand it QBSE does not have an estimate function.  One reason is that QBSE does not have a customer list, so you can not save something for a customer.


QBSE does not follow the schedule C in its entirety

QBSE does not allow for any new accounts (categories) to be created
QBSE does not keep a customer listing
QBSE does not have a balance sheet so you can not enter the cost or the depreciation for a car/equipment
QBSE does not do inventory or cost of goods sold
QBSE can not do payroll
QBSE does not do any associated IRS forms, like home office deductions or depreciation
QBSE will not accept a banking file formatted as .qbo (a standard intuit type of file)

QBSE does not do sales tax either (not schedule C related but critical to a business)