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Serial Number & Lot
Number Tracking Software

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers the flexibility and choice to track either serial numbers or lot numbers to help you better track and manage inventory.

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Traditional serial number tracking

Traditional Serial Number

Serial numbers allow identification and tracking of individual items within a large batch production of otherwise identical units. These numbers serve many practical applications, such as a way to track items for warranty issues or to identify a certain irregularity or defect in a production batch.

Serial Number Tracking
in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Advanced Inventory1 subscribers can use QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to apply serial numbers to individual items and track those items. Tracking serial numbers allows a company to:

  • Manage inventory items that enter a system
  • Conduct a serial number search to match specific customers to purchased products
  • Track serial numbers to check stock for items by specific serial numbers
  • Match invoices related to a specific serial number for purposes of tracking serial number history for warranty issues and the like
Traditional serial number tracking
Traditional lot number tracking

Traditional Lot Number

Lot number tracking allows a company to track products developed or processed together in the same batch. This is common in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food production, and agriculture. Examples might be a batch of tires that are manufactured together or beer pasteurized in the same vat. If subsequent problems are discovered that adversely affect not all products but rather the products from a specific production batch, the company can recall items from that particular batch.

Lot number tracking in
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise allows lot number tracking within its Advanced Inventory functionality2. Lot tracking allows a company to track:

  • Items purchased or created in lots
  • Lot number searches to reveal which customers bought items from a specific lot
  • Items in a recall report in case you have to track all the items from a specific lot. This can determine which items are in inventory and which customers purchased them.

Turn lot number tracking on in Advanced Inventory for more reliable tracking and enter lot numbers during purchases, transfers or sales. This simple addition will allow tracking defective lots through assemblies and subassemblies and let you know if an item is in stock, on a shelf or already purchased by a customer.

Lot number tracking in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise