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The Importance of Job Costing:
Nobody Wins When You
Misquote a Job

It happens to everyone in the construction industry at least once. A forgotten key cost, gross misestimates pertaining to time and materials, or a vital miscalculation that leads to one of three bad outcomes...lost profits, unhappy clients or missed opportunities. Building companies and contractors facing frequent serious cost estimating errors will not thrive- they may not even survive.

Accurately estimating your construction job costing is core to success. Often a bad quote is the result of forgotten data. Job costing features in Enterprise help move each construction project from initial estimates to a clear professional quote while allowing costs to be managed throughout the project and track the effects to the bottom line.

Residential and Commercial Construction
Estimating Software

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Good organization is often the key to greater profits. Enterprise takes estimating to a new level through improved data integration that moves a project through the estimating process while tracking costs.

Enterprise helps organize financial data, allowing companies to integrate necessary data with job estimating templates. This integration helps make sure the correct numbers are used when estimating individual jobs and simplifies tracking costs per job. Enterprise not only simplifies the estimating process, the integration helps increase estimating accuracy and ties costs to a company's bottom line.

  • Job Costing
    Gather costs quickly for accurate estimating whether bidding a residential or commercial construction job. Because all of financial information is entered into QuickBooks on a continuing basis, more accurate financial data is available quickly and easily when estimating. This gives managers both a micro and macro view of any job at any time. See how each job fits into the overall cost structure by quickly allocating labor, overhead and materials by project as well as amortizing fixed costs fairly into estimates as applicable.
  • Construction Proposal Templates
    Why reinvent the wheel? Use built-in templates to present proposals in formats standard to the construction industry. Communication is key to customer relations. Use proposal templates to ensure information is clear and easy to understand, avoiding confusion that might lead to lost bids or contested bills.
  • Easier, More Accurate Cost Accounting
    QuickBooks helps minimize surprises and forgotten costs, keeping profit front and center. From the time information is entered for a quote through the end of the project, QuickBooks integrates accounts receivable, accounts payable, hours (both billed and unbilled) so you always know where you stand on every job and how it affects the bottom line.
  • Keeping Score: Feedback Loops for Intelligent Cost Analysis
    Once the job is won, accounting is simply the process of keeping score to see how well you did. Easily compare upfront estimates vs. actuals to gain insight useful in your next construction bidding opportunity. Easily view reports on job profitability, job cost details, billed/unbilled hours, unpaid bills and profit and loss analysis by the job.