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Intuit Account requirement - what if I just don't upgrade the software?

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At my company we purposely never install Quickbooks updates because every time we have in the past, it has introduced a problem that required a rollback and restoring the company file from backup. So I'm entirely distrustful of any procedure that requires a software update. 


Intuit is sending emails stating that it is now required to link an Intuit account with a company file, and the steps involved updating the software. So what if I just don't update the software, as has been my SOP? Sounds like I shouldn't have a problem, but curious to know from others. 


We don't use Timesheets, Payroll, Payments, or Inventory. 

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Rebecca R
QuickBooks Team

Intuit Account requirement - what if I just don't upgrade the software?

Hello there,


Thanks for being a dedicated member of the QuickBooks family! Keeping your QuickBooks Desktop software updated ensure that you always have the latest features and fixes. I hear what you're saying about being distrustful of software updates, so I want to explain what the email you've received means and how you should proceed.


Over the last few months Intuit has been adding and reinforcing existing security measures in order to protect your customer's sensitive information. Part of this effort included updates that required all users with credit card data or other sensitive information to set up complex passwords to protect the data in the Company File.


A new option has recently been introduced which means users won't have to login with their unique password every time, but can use their Intuit account to login every few days, up to a maximum of every 90 days. Again, this is a measure used to safeguard your customer's confidential data. 


You are not required to update QuickBooks Desktop, but it's recommended. For more information, refer to this article: Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release. If you'd like to read more about the recent update you've received an email about, the article below has all you need to know:



Have a great weekend! 

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