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My accountant are having difficulty to see my QB

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QuickBooks Team

My accountant are having difficulty to see my QB

Hello reis-thc,


I love that you're working with an accountant to make sure your books are balanced and your transactions are lining up correctly. QuickBooks Online makes it easy to connect with an accountant as you can invite them on as a user to your account. This creates the optimal work environment for both of you as they'll be able to see your books and have the tools to help you work out any troubles you're having. I'll help you make sure this gets sorted out.


As long as you've invited the accountants on as accountant users, they should be able to see your books without any issue. Since you say they're having trouble, we'll need to troubleshoot. In these sorts of situations, it's important to know what's happening, what you've tried so far, and ultimately what's causing the difficulties for your accountants to see your QuickBooks. So we're able to collect all the information we need, I recommend having your accountants get in touch with QuickBooks Online support so an agent can work with them to sort this out. There are a few options to choose from.


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I'm here if you need clarification about any of that. Enjoy your day!