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COVID-19 Canada Wage Subsidy 10%

Hi all


Wanted to share a heads-up for something I ran into during this whole business, so you may want to double-check/be aware also.


Amounts and Calculations

Be sure you're calculating the right amounts based on the Gross Pay, and limits at $1,375 (CDN) per employee.  I originally read this as per employee, per month which is not the case.  Once you hit that $1,375 running total (as of now, who knows if they'll open it up more in the future) that's it, done and dusted.



If you're like me and are using the Wagepoint auto-payroll add-in with QBO, you'll have a journal entry created for you by the Wagepoint peeps, but the entry will not reflect the subsidy.  If you look at your invoice under Employees > View Reports > Invoices for the pay period, at the top it will show you their calculations (eligible for subsidy, and subsidy taken are both shown here).  You can then modify the two entries to account for the reduction in taxes remitted to the government, and the taxable-revenue entry for your COVID reimbursement.


Mixed Mode for Payroll

As it happened, I did my first reimbursement eligible payroll manually since the Wagepoint thing had not been  setup just yet.  For the two subsequent payrolls done by Wagepoint they also calculated and applied the subsidy such that I was over my $1,375 per employee allowance.  I've had to go back to that original payroll, adjust the revenue and tax, and submit an additional payment to the government.


Hope this helps you all avoid the same pitfalls.

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Level 7

COVID-19 Canada Wage Subsidy 10%

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Level 7

COVID-19 Canada Wage Subsidy 10%


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