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Import job hours into QuickBooks Desktop from CSV file

Is there a way to import job labor hours from a CSV file into QuickBooks Enterprise? We are trying to keep from having to enter hours to every job manually each pay period. 

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Nick K
QuickBooks Team

Import job hours into QuickBooks Desktop from CSV file

Hi ashleynbox,


Being able to import your information into QuickBooks Desktop from a CSV file is a great way to update your company file quickly. I'd be happy to go over how to do this.


QuickBooks Desktop helps you save time with the import from CSV function. At this time you're able to import your Customers and Vendor lists as well as items and reports. You can follow the steps in this article on how to import these options. I suggest looking into getting a third party app that works with QuickBooks to help you move your information over. You can find some on our QuickBooks Desktop Apps page but make sure to verify it's for the Canadian version as the site has both US and Canada versions of apps. 


If importing job labor hours is something you wish to have in QuickBooks Desktop I recommend sending feedback to our developers by following these steps. Help>Send Feedback Online>Product suggestions.


Have a great day!

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Import job hours into QuickBooks Desktop from CSV file


Utilize one of these importer tools


Prepare the time tracking data with the following template

NameTransaction DateCustomerService ItemPayroll itemDurationClassBillableNotes
John Marks01/09/2020Nguyen, TuanLaborRegular Pay01:25   
John Smith02/09/2020Nguyen, TuanLaborRegular Pay02:00   
Karen Marks02/09/2020Links, JohnLaborRegular Pay01:25   

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