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Hi, how can I connect Square with my Quickbooks Self Employed?

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QuickBooks Team

Hi, how can I connect Square with my Quickbooks Self Employed?

Hello usermountainmornings,


QuickBooks Self-Employed is a powerful program which lets you get your work done while you're on the go. Managing your banking from the app is a great way to streamline your work and I'll be happy to share more info on this. 


At this time, QuickBooks Self-Employed isn't compatible with Square but the good thing is you can request your bank connection right from your account. Here's how: 

  1. Select the profile ⚙ icon and then Bank accounts.
  2. Type your bank into the search box.
  3. Select Request support for your bank.
  4. Enter the bank name and URL.
  5. Select Request.     

In the meantime, you can manually import your transactions using the steps below: 

  1. Go to the Profile ⚙ icon and select Imports.
  2. Select Import transactions.
  3. Follow the onscreen steps to upload the CSV file.
  4. Select Import.

I encourage you to check out this article with more info on how to: Manually import transactions into QuickBooks Self-Employed. Connecting your bank with Square is currently available in QuickBooks Online, feel free to learn more about the product features using this link here


Let me know if you have questions by leaving a comment below, I got your back. Otherwise, have a great rest of the week.