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Quick book desk compatibility

Is Quock book desk to will work on Any Mac laptop all my devices are Mac .only for Quick book desk top I have to use windows 10 laptop that I do not like it any more.

 I also not comfortable using Quick book online.So please let me know how can use Quick book desk top on Mac laptop which version will work.

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QuickBooks Team

Quick book desk compatibility

Hello Asma1,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Community and thanks for being a part of the QuickBooks Desktop family. I know how being able to work on your preferred system can make a difference in your productivity. It's important to me that you have the information you need regarding QuickBooks Desktop and its system requirements, so I'll go over that for you here.


QuickBooks Desktop Canada operates using a Windows platform and doesn't have a Mac version of the program. That being said, there's a workaround you can consider, which is installing a partition on your system. This would virtually run a Windows operating system on your Mac and you could use QuickBooks on that section of the computer. The following article explains this option in more detail: Is there a CA version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?


I know that may not be the right fit for you and encourage you to go with what's best for your business and system. To learn more about what it takes to run QuickBooks Desktop, here's our article about the 2020 version of the program: System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and Enterprise Solutions 20.0 If you're running a different version, simply search Community using keywords such as "QuickBooks Desktop system requirements" and then the year of the version you're using.


Feel free to leave us feedback in-product about this when you get a chance. Your voice matters to us the feedback tool is a great way to share with us the things you'd like to see in QuickBooks Desktop. To leave feedback, select Help from the top menu in the program and choose Send Feedback Online.


I'll be here should you have further questions.

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