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uto import setup forTD bank statement, DHL, stripe, PayPal, my eCommerce website (Canada)

Hi Guys, We are new to Quickbooks Community and software, we just started using and having a really hard time in setting up Auto import setup forTD bank statement, DHL, stripe, PayPal, my eCommerce website (Canada). When I login through QuickBooks it shows my bank account as it looks like in the browser and then there is no option to set up auto-import on monthly bases or everyday bases, 


Can some buddy please help me in understanding how can I set up everything auto-import as it gets generated in my bank.  does this software support integration of multiple platforms for auto import or I do the mistake buying this software? 

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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uto import setup forTD bank statement, DHL, stripe, PayPal, my eCommerce website (Canada)

We may share these points:

1. Bank statement. Have you register your bank account(s) and run the bank feeds?


2. Paypal, Stripe

Explore this connector


3. DHL Canada

As far as I know, there is no shipping manager feature in QBD CA version. You may use SS as the connector to DHL but unfortunately it only supports QB Online.


You may consider using QB Online instead to utilize the connector  


otherwise you will need another connector for QB Desktop and SS


4. Which eCommerce platform do you have? You will need a connector to sync with your QB Desktop/Online.


If you have a limited budget for now and you don't mind to import any data manually (or create a schedule import), consider having an importer tool to do so.


QuickBooks Team

uto import setup forTD bank statement, DHL, stripe, PayPal, my eCommerce website (Canada)

Hello viren1984,


Thanks for choosing QuickBooks Desktop for managing your business's books! It's a powerful tool that gives you a lot of hands-on capabilities for entering your data, and I can appreciate wanting to keep things flowing as seamlessly as possible by having data from the other services you're using also filter into the program. I'd be happy to go over the bank feed connection and other integrations with you.


Connecting your bank to the feed in QuickBooks Desktop is a fairly simple process, and when it's time to go through your bank transactions, you can import them into the software. This article goes over how to download the transactions into the feed: Download Bank Feed transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. You won't have to go through the steps of creating the account in the Chart of Accounts each time, but it is more of a manual import process that involves downloading the appropriate file to import into QuickBooks Desktop. The article highlights how to download the file outside of QuickBooks Desktop and here are the steps you can take within the software.

  1. Go to Banking in the top menu.
  2. Choose Bank Feeds.
  3. Click Bank Feed Centre.
  4. Select Go Online.
  5. Find your financial institution.
  6. Enter your login credentials.
  7. Navigate the bank's site to find the .QBO download file.
  8. Download it to import through Web connect or your bank may have a Download to QuickBooks button.
  9. To import through web connect, navigate back to QuickBooks Desktop and choose Import Web Connect File.

Having the option to automatically download transactions is a great way to save time, and I encourage you to submit feedback about this since it's not an option at the moment. To submit feedback, just go to the Help menu in QuickBooks Desktop, then choose Send Feedback Online to start the process.


As for connecting with PayPal, Stripe, your eCommerce site, DHL, and whatever else you'd like to, I recommend checking out the apps that connect with QuickBooks Desktop. Fiat Lux had some suggestions in their response, and here is the page where you can find more: Apps for QuickBooks Desktop. If there isn't an app available, you can always check in with the third-party service to see if there's a QuickBooks integration from their side of things.


For your reference, here are a few other articles to get you started with using the bank feeds in QuickBooks Desktop.

Don't hesitate if you have further questions. I'm here to help. :)

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