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Bank Fee Transactions

Hi.  I have a bank fee every month that is debited and then credited to the same account.  How do I record it so it comes out but then goes back in?  Is there a way to do it in one transaction or does it have to be 2 separate ones?



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Re: Bank Fee Transactions

It's my pleasure to help, @seaweed1967.


Yes, there's a way to do it in one transaction. You can record the money-in and money-out process using the Write Cheques option. 


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Banking menu and select Write Cheques.
  2. Enter the account where the amount is debited and credited on the Bank Account and Expenses Account field (please refer to the sample screenshot below).
  3. You can type in bank fee on the Cheque No. field to determine the transaction on your bank register.
  4. Click Save & Close when done.

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That's it. Should you have other questions about your transactions, do let me know. I'm here to help however I can.