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I am looking for an option in QBO Payroll that when an employee clocks out for break, the system will automatically calculate whether the break is paid or unpaid based on time. 


I made the rules, but this gives the employee two break punch options: Paid/Unpaid. 


I want to be able to just have my employees clock out, and if they exceed the 15 minutes, then their break is no longer paid.


Is this an option or will I have to manually adjust every day?


Thank you,


Shandelle - Double R Performance

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Henock K
QuickBooks Team


Hi DoubleRPerformance,


Welcome to the Community. Being able to run payroll is essential to ensure that your employees are paid. QuickBooks Online Payroll is a great program that gives you the ability to pay your employees and track your payroll remittances. I'd be glad to help.


At this time, the option you're looking for isn't available. I encourage you to manually adjust your employees' breaks.


If you'd like to include this option in QuickBooks, I recommend that you send us Feedback by clicking on the Gear icon at the top. This is sent to our Development Team to consider for future updates. 


Let me know if you have questions, I'll be happy to help.


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