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Corporate Income Tax Refund

Hello I recently did my corporate taxes and after a reassessment I have received a refund of 205.17.  How do i enter this in Quick Books Pro Desktop.  I am in Canada not sure how i am add it under an account


Thank you

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Corporate Income Tax Refund

Hey Bubstr,


Tax tracking is built to simplify your bookkeeping and is one of the most powerful features available in QuickBooks. The best way to ensure consistent results is to record them correctly as you go. The best person to ask for help recording taxes is your accountant. Check out our Find an Accountant page to find a QuickBooks pro in your area. You can enter in your postal code to find accountants near you, and filter for the product you're using.


Alternatively, here's a similar post answered by one of our community members that may be able to help: How do we record a Corporate Tax Refund? 


Let me know how this goes! 

Level 1

Corporate Income Tax Refund

Hi Andre  When i did my taxes using the turbo tax software it said I did not owe anything (slow year) I thought i was able to just do a deposit  I will look at the other post you suggested as well



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