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Issue with Quickbook Payroll now

Do you have issue with your quickbook online payroll? After hitting 'run payroll' button, it just refreshed the employee page and did not take me to the expected page.

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QuickBooks Team

Issue with Quickbook Payroll now

Allow me to help share information about the issue with running payroll in QuickBooks Online (QBO), @nopetpetg2.


Yes, a ticket was already submitted about the issue with customers not being able to run payroll in QBO. Our engineers are now all hands on deck currently working for an immediate resolution.


As of now, I recommend getting in touch with our Support Team for you to be added to the list of affected users in this investigation (INV-33142). Once added, you'll automatically receive an email notification with the latest updates.


For the support's contact information, you can check it here: Contact the QuickBooks Online Customer Support team.


Stay posted if you have any other payroll questions, I'm always available to help. Wishing you the best!

Level 2

Issue with Quickbook Payroll now

You are not the only one with issues with QB. Mine is desktop and gave the wrong info in 2021 soooo I now owe $$$$ to the CRA. So I have to go online and do my own payroll with CRA site to assure that QB doesn't "make errors" occur agaiin. Now I get a pop up that I'm not subscribed to QB payroll. I have only subscribed for 20 years!!!! And if I'm not subscribed why are they charging me monthly and per employee!!! Thinking its time to find a reliable program.

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