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Item list - inventory or non-inventory

We uploaded the complete parts price list from one of our vendors into QB Enterprise.  We have the inventory feature.  The list had over 8000 items.

Now we realize there are several thousand items we may never sell and updating prices annually is a headache because our vendor may change the part or it is missing on new price list.

Is there a way to pull a report of items we have never sold/no transaction history?

I know an item with history can not be deleted.  Is there a way to mass delete items which has no history?

If this is not an option, then we will delete one-by-one.  We are open to any suggestions.

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QuickBooks Team

Item list - inventory or non-inventory

Hi there, 


You've come to the right place for help. I'll be happy to share more info on this. 


At this time, there isn't an option to mass delete or select items to be inactive at once. The same applies for any report customizations which allow you to view unsold items. I know how useful it is to have these features available and I encourage you to send feedback about this to our engineers. You can do this by clicking the Help menu and looking for Send Feedback Online. 


Feel free to ask other questions. I'm here to steer you in the right direction. I'll be one message away. 

Level 1

Item list - inventory or non-inventory

I have hundreds of non inventory items for which I need to change prices.  I am trying to upload from excel but get an error that the item already exists.  Is there a way to modify prices by importing file from excel?

QuickBooks Team

Item list - inventory or non-inventory

Hello, Carla2361. Getting error messages can be a time-consuming process but don't worry, I'm here to help you upload your data into QuickBooks. Depending on how you're uploading your info, I'd recommend making sure you're using the correct import format and I also encourage you to reference the correct format using this link here. You can modify the prices outside of QuickBooks on your Excel file then upload that Excel file into QuickBooks. QuickBooks provides the option to overwrite the product and services with the same name that you've added before. Here are the steps: 

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Online.
  2. Click on Settings ⚙. Then select Import Data.
  3. Navigate to Products and Services.
  4. Select Browse to upload the file from your computer. Choose the file, and then select Open.
  5. Or, to upload from Google Sheets, select Connect to sign in to your Google account. Choose the file, and then Select.
  6. Hit Next.
  7. From here, map your information. Your Field represents the headers on your spreadsheet. From each drop-down ▼ menu, select the one that matches a field in QuickBooks Online.
  8. Select Next.
  9. If you see some cells highlighted in red, this means the cell is invalid. Check the cell in your spreadsheet and try importing again.
  10. Select Overwrite all values for each product or service with the same name. Make sure everything looks correct because this can't be undone.
  11. Select Import.

Let me know if this info helps. I'm here to assist 

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