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QBO Canada Book to Tax ->Income Tax simply doesn't load

I am trying to follow this article:


To map my chart of accounts to a GIFI. Very intuitively you go to the working papers section and select Income Tax. However, it simply does not load. I've tried in Edge and Chrome browsers, different computers, even friends in Canada at different accounting firms with different computers. It doesn't work.



I am in accounting view, this client has the advanced subscription, I have the paid T2 protax subscription. 


Automatic GIFI importing is a key feature!


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QuickBooks Team

QBO Canada Book to Tax ->Income Tax simply doesn't load

Hello dvankampen,


Welcome to Community!  With the Workpapers feature in QuickBooks Online Accountant, exporting your client’s accounts to the appropriate lines on tax forms, is a valuable time saver.  I can understand how it can impact your day, when it's not functioning as designed.  


I appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've taken.  However, your time is valuable, and I feel the best course of action, is to speak with a member of our Customer Care team.  They will be happy to work with you in real time, and review the issue in more depth, so you can complete your QuickBooks goals as soon as possible! 


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach back out.  We would be happy to help!

Level 1

QBO Canada Book to Tax ->Income Tax simply doesn't load

That is simply not in any way a meaningful answer to the question or a solution. So not sure what to do but call some terrible 1800 number that I've already tried. Maybe lets leave this up as an open sore for other people to commiserate on how bad your support system is.

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