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Turn of snap photo sound off

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QuickBooks Team

Turn of snap photo sound off

Hi usersassoontsi,


Sometimes it's necessary to have peace and quiet when you're snapping a picture on your phone. I'd be glad to guide towards the right path so you can continue enjoying the amazing benefits of QuickBooks Self-Employed. 


The shutter sound on your camera is solely controlled by your phone settings. If your phone is on silent mode, you won't hear the shutter sound when snapping a picture. Depending on your phone model, I suggest checking online to see how you can turn off or reduce the shutter sound. I personally use iPhone and here's an article which shows you how to turn off the shutter sound. If you're using a different mobile device I recommend checking online to see how you can achieve the same goal using your phone. 


In case you have other questions, don't hesitate to send me a message. I'm here to provide the support you need. Otherwise, I wish you a prosperous rest of the year.