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Community rank structure

Wondering what user ranks are and what they have to do with you?


User ranks are a fun community element that encourage participation while rewarding quality and establishing reputation in our community. Every member in the community is assigned a rank based on a multitude of factors (more about those below).


You can see a person's rank in their profile or in any thread they have posted it. It appears just below their user name.


How is my rank determined?

Your rank is based on your engagement in the community - but it's not just how often you post. The helpfulness and the value of your contributions also affect your ranking.


How can I earn a higher rank?

There are different actions that can help you gain higher ranks. The best thing to do is to visit our community often and talk to other members, but here are a few specific actions that will help you along your journey:

  • Posting and replying to other people's posts
  • Giving and receiving "Cheers" or Likes on posts
  • Marking an answer as an "Accepted Solution" if it is particularly helpful

What are the Ranks available?

Our ranking system is pretty straightforward - you start out as a New Member and as you progress, you gain levels. Right now, we have Levels 1-15 (low to high). We periodically evaluate the ranking system.


Also, you may see some ranks not listed above - there are some ranks designed to help you identify employees and moderators in the Community. We are working on redesigning our internal ranks as well, so keep an eye out for more information on that.




Badges are a visual reminder of the achievements you've earned in the Community. You can view earned badges in your user profile.


Badges fall into two categories: Active and Passive.


Active badges

Active badges are earned when you commit specific actions within the Community, such as introducing yourself, receiving Cheers from other members, or becoming a Community Champion. Below is a chart of the available Active


Passive badges

Passive badges are earned through regular activity on the Community. They are automatically awarded for milestones such as an anniversary, a certain number of replies, or page views. Below is a chart of the available Passive badges.passive.png

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