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Can you add a different mark up percentage to each customer?

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QuickBooks Team

Can you add a different mark up percentage to each customer?

Hello usermiller11555,


This is a great question, and I can absolutely see how the option to set different markups for different customers in QuickBooks Online would be beneficial to a business. I'd be happy to go over the options for marking up prices in QuickBooks Online as well as other pricing options for you.


When you turn on the Make expenses and items billable option in your account settings, there's an option to include a markup rate. If you enter an amount there, the program automatically adds the markup for you without your customer ever seeing it. You can even map the markup funds to a specific account set up through the Advanced settings as well. This article has the steps for adding a markup rate: Enter billable expenses


As you'll note or may have already noted with this process, the program gives you the option for one markup rate, not several. Depending on exactly what you're looking to do, a newer feature to QuickBooks Online might be able to come to your rescue on this. Earlier this year, we added a feature called Price Rules to QuickBooks Online, which allows you to set different price points for your customers.


As outlined in the Set price rules in QuickBooks Online article, this allows you to set different price points for items in your books. This, however, doesn't necessarily link to billable expenses like markups do. However, you can still explore this option to see if there's a way to make it work for you.


If that doesn't quite work, another option you can consider is seeing if there is a third-party app that handles invoicing with markups that can meet your needs. Use the Apps tab to research the available options to discover if there's something right for you.


Otherwise, I encourage you to submit feedback following the steps here: How do I submit feedback? With these steps, your comments will be forwarded to the product development team, which gives them the chance to see how users would like to use the program and how current features are impacting a business. It's a great way to share your voice.


Don't hesitate if you have more questions!