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default customer terms in Desktop

Is there a way to set up a global default for customer payment terms in QuickBooks desktop version?

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QuickBooks Team

default customer terms in Desktop

Hi there aehcpa,


Setting up payment terms is a fantastic way to keep transactions organized. They indicate when you expect to receive a payment from your customer, or when you need to pay bills to your supplier. QuickBooks Desktop has a straightforward process for setting up payment terms. I'd like to show you how!


  1. Navigate to Lists at the top, then Customer & Supplier Profile Lists, followed by Terms List.
  2. From the Terms dropdown, choose New
  3. Pick a name for the payment tern, then select from either Standard for a payment due within a specific number of days from the invoice date, or Date Driven to enter a specific day of the month that the payment is required by
  4. Click OK to finish or Next to create additional payment terms.


This article is a great resource and provides some additional detail on this process: Set up payment terms.


There isn't a global default for payment terms, and to use them you'll need to manually change the due date as you create invoices or bills, or select from the Terms dropdown. You may also assign default terms to a Customer, but you'll need to do that for each customer individually. I know the option for a global default would be helpful, so I encourage you to submit Feedback from the Help menu. This is a great way to have your voice heard by our product development team, who work to implement changes and features based on customer demand.


Enjoy your weekend!