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Hi how do I create a credit memo on the quick books app?

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QuickBooks Team

Hi how do I create a credit memo on the quick books app?

Hi there, 


The QuickBooks Online mobile app is a great tool for the on-the-go business owner! It's important that you're able to do your basic bookkeeping functions in an easy format designed for quick and simple transactions. I'd be happy to explain the limitations of the mobile app in regards to adding a credit memo.


While the app allows you to do most of the main functions of the QuickBooks Online platform, certain tools are limited to the browser version of the program. Creating a credit memo will have to be done using a browser. 

You can still utilize the browser version of QuickBooks Online using your phone's web browser to log in to your account. Then, follow these steps to create a credit memo: Enter and apply a credit memo or delayed credit.


I hope this helps get you back on track. If you have any other questions, please let me know. 

Have a great day!

Level 1

Hi how do I create a credit memo on the quick books app?

Has there been any further development on being able to create a credit memo within the QBO Mobile app? I have more and more clients who deliver goods to customers and need to be able to create a credit memo on the go so that the customer can pay the net amount due. They do not want their employees fussing around with the browser version of QBO to be able to do this.


I'd be interested to know if and when this will become an accessible function in the mobile app.





QuickBooks Team

Hi how do I create a credit memo on the quick books app?

Hi Linda,


I can see how being able to create a credit memo as a part of the on-the-go functionality of the QuickBooks Online mobile app would be useful for your clients, and I appreciate you checking up on this thread. I can go over this with you.


At this time, creating a credit memo in the mobile app is still not an available option, nor do I have any timeline I can share on when it might become available. What I encourage you and your clients to do is submit feedback about wanting this feature so that our product development team can see how in-demand it is. Feedback can be left through the mobile app itself, generally in the settings area depending on which app is being used, or by following the steps here: How do I submit feedback?


As for keeping up to date with new features, I invite you to check out and bookmark the following page: QuickBooks Online Feature and Product Updates. Our team updates this page with new features so that you can keep in the know of what QuickBooks can help you with achieving.


I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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