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How do I put a discount into a clients info that will be applied everytime?

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QuickBooks Team

How do I put a discount into a clients info that will be applied everytime?

Hi there, info1407,


It's awesome that you're able to offer discount rates for different customers. I know having the option for that to be applied every time would cut down on the data entry you have to do when it comes to accounting for those discounts in QuickBooks Online. I have a solution that may work for you.


QuickBooks Online Plus has a feature called Price Rules. With this feature, you can set different price points for your various customers so that the program automatically applies the difference in rate to their transaction. All it takes is turning on the feature, setting up the rules, and then you're good to go! This article explains the feature in full detail: Set price rules in QuickBooks Online


If you're not currently on the Plus package, you can consider upgrading to be able to use Price Rules. This will also give you access to the full set of tools and features available in QuickBooks Online to optimize managing your business's books.


I know upgrading isn't right for everyone though and that you have to consider your budget and value added when choosing which product and package you're using. If you're in a position where you'd like to stick with the plan you have, manually adding discount information on each transaction will ensure the discount you want the customer to have is applied. There isn't way to add a default discount otherwise.


Here's how you can turn on the discount field on your sales forms if you haven't done so already.

  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Choose Account and settings.
  3. Select the Sales tab.
  4. Click the Sales form content section.
  5. Toggle the Discount option.
  6. Click Save.

The field will then be available on your sales forms and you can choose whether you want the discount to be a percentage or a dollar value. It's pretty simple to use!


I also invite you to submit feedback about the discount and customer pricing options available in QuickBooks Online. Your feedback helps us learn the ways you'd like to use QuickBooks and the features that would help your bookkeeping become that much easier. Here's how you can submit feedback: How do I submit feedback?


I hope that's been helpful to you. I'll be around if you have more questions!

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