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How to get a physical count Inventory Reports showing by date.

I would like to get a physical count inventory report by date. We do an inventory every year and if the items have not sold in the past year it does not need to be counted this year.  It would save us a tone of time on inventory day.  Thought?  I'm assuming will need to create this report or export to excel and sort the date.

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QuickBooks Team

How to get a physical count Inventory Reports showing by date.

Hi Srhode,


QuickBooks Desktop provides tons of great financial reports and inventory reports to help you analyze and stay on top of your business health. You also have the flexibility to customize these reports to focus on details that are most important to you. I'll be happy to share more on this.


The majority of reports in QuickBooks Desktop can be customized and sort out by date. The Physical Inventory Worksheet report, however, displays your information as of date. Given that you can't customize this report to present a specific date in the program, I encourage you to explore the option of exporting your report to excel and sort it out from there. I can see how having the option to customize this report by date in-product would have benefited your business and I invite you to submit feedback directly to our engineers by going through these steps: Help>Send Feedback Online>Product Suggestions. Your comments are crucial in driving innovation to offer the best QuickBooks experience we can.


Have a nice day!