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How can I change tax, in BC GST|PST on food 12% but I collect 15% on alcohol

I need 2 different group taxes
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QuickBooks Team

How can I change tax, in BC GST|PST on food 12% but I collect 15% on alcohol

Hi userlmcmeekin,


Thanks for joining us! It's great you're using the Sales Tax Centre in QuickBooks Online to accurately track your sales taxes. It's one of the most robust features in the program and gives you the flexibility to add new rates under your tax agency. I'd be happy to show you how.


To set up a new tax rate for your provincial tax agency, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Taxes menu.
  2. Select Sales Tax at the top. (Tip: If you use payroll in QuickBooks Online, you may need to select Sales Tax as opposed to Payroll Tax.)
  3. Click on Manage sales tax.
  4. Locate the sales tax agency you wish to add the new rate for, and select Add custom rate.
  5. Complete the setup and select Add to save.

And that's it! In case you're unsure of which account or return line to select for your new rate, I'd strongly recommend reaching out to your provincial tax agency or your accountant for more information on how these should be recorded. You can easily invite an accountant to your books or find one in your area. Just head to the My Accountant tab to get started, then select Find a pro to help.


For more on how to manage taxes in the program, check out this article: How to set up a new sales tax code


I hope this helps! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions.