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Why did Sales tax randomly stopped showing up on my estimates

all my new estimates don't have GST on them
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Alex M
QuickBooks Team

Why did Sales tax randomly stopped showing up on my estimates

Hi there matthew@fuzionpr,


It's important that all your transactions have the correct amount for your books to be well-balanced. QuickBooks Online is a great tool able to help you create and send transactions to your customers such as invoices and estimates. I can provide some assistance with taxes not appearing on transactions.


The first thing to check when creating a transaction would be that right above the line items, the Amounts are drop-down menu is set to either Exclusive or Inclusive of tax. If Out of scope is chosen, then that would be the reason why the tax isn't showing on line items.


If that isn't the case, then another cause could be browsing data. These temporary files can accumulate in your browser, device or network and can cause errors such as information not being displayed in any cloud-based software like QuickBooks Online. Here are some steps to resolve any errors caused by browsing data:


Let me know if this works, or if you need more assistance. I'm here to help.

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