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How to streamline the tax filing process simply and accurately

Streamline the tax filing process. Integrate your clients’ data seamlessly and accurately into final accounts with TaxFiler in QuickBooks.

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We know the pressure is on when it comes to final accounts. Your time is at a premium and accuracy is paramount. That’s why the tax filing process is so painstaking, often involving managing multiple systems. However, everyone knows that mistakes can be made under stress.

Take the pressure off

What if you could make this whole process easier ? Tens of thousands of small businesses – your clients – store their accounting information in the cloud, in QuickBooks. Now you can tap straight into that information using Taxfiler software.

Avoid errors and save time

Linking seamlessly with QuickBooks, you can import trial balance figures direct from your clients, thereby automatically populating tax returns on Taxfiler. This eliminates any mistakes you might have made through the manual re-entry of data or transfer of data between systems. Imagine the time you can save as well.

Eliminate year-end mistakes

Automate the transfer of your clients' data at year-end with Taxfiler software. Get it right with QuickBooks.

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Companies House at the click of a button

Once you’ve populated the returns, you can submit them direct to HMRC. You can do the same with abbreviated accounts for Companies House.

Seamless integration

Linking Taxfiler with QuickBooks simplifies the entire tax filing process. Everything is on one place. You’ll save yourself time on the basics and can rest assured that you’re delivering accurate results. You can even post a journal to QuickBooks periodically to keep your clients’ books up-to-date.

We hope you’ve found this useful. At QuickBooks we strive to help you continue improving your service to your clients. Taxfiler is one more significant step in that direction.

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