22 shopfront decoration ideas for Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner—if you’re looking to boost your seasonal sales this year, then get ready for the holiday season with an eye-catching and festive shopfront display. Your shopfront is what attracts customers to your business and gives the first impression, so it’s important to display your products effectively. 

In this guide, draw inspiration from these 22 shopfront decorating ideas and helpful tips to make your display as successful as possible.

Types of Christmas shopfronts

There are many different types of seasonal shopfronts that stores of all kinds have tried out to help boost their foot traffic. Below are the most popular decoration displays that you can consider for your business. 

Corner window

A corner window display sits at the corner of your shopfront where two windows come together. These types of displays are great for attracting customers from multiple angles and showcasing products from more than one side. 

Best for: Small businesses that have larger products to showcase and want to create a sense of depth

Shadowbox window

Shadowbox window displays are the smallest version of window displays and are great for showcasing products that are petite and detailed. These are typically box-shaped windows that usually have room for two people to view at once. 

Best for: Small businesses that sell jewellery, cosmetics, or other small products

Closed loop gift cards

Closed window displays have a screen or wall behind them that separates the display from the rest of the store. These wall separators can be a permanent addition to your business or you can have them temporarily installed for a specific promotion or for the holiday season. 

Best for: Small businesses who want all of the customers’ attention solely on the products within the display, rather than the rest of the store

Open window

Open window displays allow your customers to see straight into your store—there are no walls or screens behind the display. Customers are able to see the activity going on inside the store, so it’s important to create continuity between your display and the rest of the store, as well as keep your store clutter-free. 

Best for: Stores with a high level of interior design, in-store experiences, visual merchandising campaigns

22 holiday shopfront decorating ideas

Ready to get started but need some inspiration to help guide you? Keep reading for these 22 holiday store decoration ideas to help you reach customers this Christmas.

1. Digital display

Incorporate a digital sign installation into your shopfront window. A digital sign can add a little extra to your holiday display. Plus, a moving screen showcasing products you offer or information helps catch the eyes of customers and influences them to come into your store.

2. Festive lights

Lighting is an essential component of a shopfront display. Add some twinkle fairy lights that change colour throughout the day or get string lights that have adjustable brightness depending on the mood you’re going for. 

In addition to string lights, you can also consider light-up signage with your brand name for some extra attention.

3. Chalk paint

Get creative with chalk paint that you can draw right onto your window. Consider drawing your own holiday design or let people know there’s a sale going on with DIY chalk paint signage.  

Tip: Create a message that entices customers to come inside. For example, if it’s cold out, you can write something like “Come in, it’s warm inside!”

4. Frosted windows

Frosted windows

To create the ultimate snowy scene for your window display, incorporate frosted windows. A frosted window can create the perfect viewing point for the rest of your display. 

To create the frosted window look, you can use frosted glass spray paint that can usually be found at any craft store. Complete the snowy look with snowball garland and fake snow. 

5. Garland

Garland is always a classic way to decorate for the Christmas season. Some creative ways to use garland for your display include: 

  • Marshmallows for a snowy scene 

  • Candy canes 

  • Felted wool for snowballs 

  • Ornaments 

You can even turn one of your products into garland material. Hang your garland around the perimeter of your window or wrap it around another element. 

6. Oversized ornaments

Create a shopfront look with oversized ornaments. You can use a disco ball or anything from your storage that can be used as a holiday ornament. If you prefer the DIY route, you can take old toy balls and spray paint them to whatever colour you like and hang them from the ceiling.

7. Gift boxes

Gift boxes

Use holiday-wrapped gift boxes in your shopfront display to add some variety. These can serve as great display stands for your products, and you can stack them to create some height.

8. Christmas trees

Create a tree out of your products. For example, if you’re a small business that specialises in the outdoors, you could create a tree made out of skis or another type of athletic equipment.   

9. DIY snowflakes

DIY snowflakes

Cut out snowflakes to help create a winter wonderland display. This fun craft is easy to do and can be more sustainable and cheaper than purchasing factory-made materials. 

You can also get creative and create snowflakes out of your own products. For example, if you’re a retail business, you can attach clothing hangers together into a snowflake shape.

10. Wooden crates

Wooden crates in your shopfront can help create varying heights for displaying your products and can hold different items. They’re also versatile, so you can alter them or paint them to your liking. 

Tip: Consider using them for a cosy and rustic country-inspired holiday shopfront display.

11. Gingerbread men

Gingerbread men

Gingerbread is a classic holiday favourite. Incorporate gingerbread men or even gingerbread houses within your shopfront to help draw customers in—you can even make a gingerbread house that resembles your own store.

12. Faux fireplace

Create a fireplace scene to help draw people in with its cosiness. This rustic and warm display can be created with dry logs and tree branches. To get extra creative, you can consider adding flameless candles to help mimic the look of fire or use a digital screen.

13. Gift bags

Get into the holiday spirit by adding some already-done-up gift bags to your setup. Get brightly coloured and festive gift bags and stuff them with bright tissue paper. This fun design can be a perfect accent to other elements on your display.

14. Holiday mannequins

Holiday mannequins

If you’re a retailer, consider dressing your mannequins up in festive holiday gear and using them to help tell your display’s story. In addition to the mannequins, add a festive backdrop to help set the scene.

15. QR code

Add a QR code as an element in your display that customers can scan for a discount on a product. For example, you can: 

  • Add a code to your digital display

  • Place a sticker on the window itself

In addition to giving customers information about sales, QR codes can also help direct them to your business’s social media platforms or online store.

16. Christmas music

Attract customers with sound — while not a tangible decoration, adding Christmas music to your window display can be a unique way of setting your display apart.

17. Gift cards

If you want to promote your new Christmas gift cards, consider adding them to your shopfront and place them in a fun design. You can even hang gift cards from string as garland decor.

18. DIY snow globe

Make your shopfront look like it’s inside a snow globe—there’s no better way to catch the eye of customers and passers-by during the holidays than by creating a giant snow globe in your window. 

To achieve this look, use frosted glass spray paint and create a circular focal point, then fill your background display with other festive elements.

19. Nutcrackers


To get into the Christmas spirit, another great store decorating idea is to add some nutcrackers to your window display. For example, if you’re a retail store, use large nutcrackers instead of mannequins to model clothes or pose with certain products.

20. Windowsill houses

Liven up your window display with some Christmas-themed houses. Place these right on the windowsill or spread them throughout the other elements you choose to include in your display. 

Take these windowsill houses a step further and add lighting to them to create a cosy touch.

21. All-white decor

For a clean and crisp look, consider an all-white theme for your shopfront display. This look will be sure to have your customers dreaming of a white Christmas this season.

22. Virtual reality try-on

For a more modern approach to your holiday shopfront display, consider incorporating virtual reality try-on options for your products. This can be in the form of a headset that lets customers try on things like outfits or jewellery.

Tips for a captivating Christmas shopfront display

Looking to get a head start on your seasonal preparation? Here are several helpful tips to keep in mind when crafting your Christmas shopfront and setting your small business up for success.

Ensure you know who your target audience is

Making sure you know who your target audience is and what kind of customers you attract is essential in figuring out the direction of your shopfront. Consider asking yourself these questions: 

  • What would spark interest in current customers?

  • What kind of new customers do you want to attract? 

  • What will current and potential customers benefit from the most? 

  • What are the needs of my current and potential customers?

Aim to tell a story

Telling a story with your shopfront display can help you achieve uniqueness and set yourself apart from competitors. A shopfront window that has a story or background to it can evoke feelings in your customers and potentially make them feel closer to your brand.

Place items you’re promoting at eye level

When placing products and items at your shopfront, you’ll want to make sure that these items are at eye level. Having your items at eye level helps guide the customers toward what you want them to see and can help draw them into the store.

Showcase your range of offerings

A shopfront window display is your chance to show your customers what you can offer them and the variety you have. You can use elements and items from different categories and departments to form a display that’s nice and cohesive.

Make sure it’s well-lit

What’s the point of putting together a holiday shopfront if your customers can’t see it well? Make sure the space is well-lit — both during the day and night. Consider adding fairy lights or even fun lamps to warm up the space.

Avoid clutter

Although having a wide range of products in your shopfront is great at showcasing your range, having too many can actually clutter the space and create confusion. Aim to keep your space clean and to the point without giving away all of your best assets at once.

Include technology

In a digital-first world, it could be very beneficial to add technology components to your holiday shopfront. This could include: 

  • A sign next to a product line with a QR promo code 

  • Touchscreens that a customer can use to learn more about a service or a product 

  • Incorporating an aesthetic “selfie wall” with a hashtag so customers are encouraged to take a picture and post it on social media 

  • Virtual try-on capabilities

Mix up the display frequently

Mix up your shopfront to provide something visually different for people to look forward to. Consider switching it up each year, or switch from an autumn display to a winter one. You can also keep customers updated on your shopfront decor changes by snapping a photo and posting it on social media.

Benefits of holiday shopfront decorations

There are many benefits to decorating your shopfront for the holidays, including taking advantage of the easy marketing ideas it creates. This also includes: 

  • Boost brand awareness: Creating a holiday shopfront can draw further awareness to your brand and can also help your business connect with the community, especially if you have an interactive display. 

  • Increase foot traffic: Having a festive shopfront can draw attention and make people want to come in and check out your business. This can lead to new customers.  

  • Promote sales and offers: A festive shopfront is an ideal place to showcase new products, sales, and offers and can get people excited about Christmas shopping. 

Stand apart from the competition: A fun and festive shopfront can help you stand out from the crowd and push customers to your business rather than others — not to mention the opportunity to build your brand further online.

Drive sales with your holiday shopfront

Christmas preparation is an ideal time to create an experience that draws customers into your store and leaves them walking out with a lasting impression. With these shopfront decorating ideas and tips, you can craft a unique and festive display that customers will love this Christmas season. 

In addition to your festive shopfront, sell gift cards to help make more sales. To simplify how customers pay you during the crazy holiday rush, take advantage of a payment processing solution like QuickBooks Payments.

Visit the QuickBooks Holiday Hub for more resources to help you prepare for and have a successful holiday season.


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