QuickBooks announces Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered innovations to help accounting professionals thrive

Innovations enable accounting professionals to grow and scale their practice.

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London, UK - 10 March 2020

QuickBooks today announces Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered product updates that will enable accountants and bookkeepers to continue to scale, grow and remain ahead of their competition – now and in the future:

Now live - Business Performance Overview

The new Business Performance tab in QuickBooks Online Accountant automatically takes a client’s data and pulls out what is needed — key figures, useful indicators, actionable items and more — organising it into one simple, visually driven dashboard. The dashboard can easily be exported to share with a client and used to spark conversations and strategic recommendations based on the financial health of a business, as well as how it’s performing compared to other similar businesses.

Shaun Shirazian, UK Product Leader, said: “At QuickBooks we focus on the biggest problems faced by accounting professionals. We then look at how we can leverage Artificial Intelligence, automation and the power of the many small businesses in our ecosystem to help every one of our partners and their clients. We’re proud of these new innovations but want to hear feedback. We’d love our partners to check out our Spring Release web page and tell us what you like, what you don’t and most importantly, what you want to see next. We build these experiences, but it’s our customers that shape them”.

For the Spring Product Release page, please go here

Coming soon - Optimisation Centre

The new Optimisation Centre in QuickBooks Online Accountant gives accountants and bookkeepers an objective measure of how effectively they’ve set up each client through an efficiency score, plus concrete recommendations to improve efficiency moving forward. This works by scanning all QuickBooks transactions and identifying what percentage are “highly efficient” — meaning the transactions are fully automated from recording to categorization and reconciliation. The efficiency score breaks down into three key areas: bank accounts, expense tracking, and income tracking, with each section offering specifics on what contributes to the score and what QuickBooks features can be leveraged to increase efficiency.

Coming soon – Bookkeeping Review

This new expert feature within QuickBooks Online Accountant automatically finds some of the most common bookkeeping errors, such as expenses with no vendor information and duplicate entries. Similar to VAT error checker technology in QuickBooks Online, it brings the errors to one place for quick and easy resolution — giving accounting professionals high-quality books in a fraction of the time. By automatically scanning QuickBooks to surface mistakes and streamline client collaboration, Bookkeeping Review helps keep client books complete and accurate.


This information is intended to outline our general product direction, but represents no obligation and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.

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