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QuickBooks Online Accountant Pro Tax T3

File T3 returns faster

Unlock seamless trust return preparation with Pro Tax T3 built into QuickBooks Online Accountant.

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A smiling accountant sitting in an office typing on a keyboard while using QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Tackle tax season in Pro Tax

Simplify your year-end workflow

Go from books to tax in one place with QuickBooks Online clients. Pro Tax is also ready with forms required for EN Canada for clients not on QuickBooks.

Real-time auditor

The built-in Active Auditor classifies mistakes by seriousness for faster reviewing, highlights potential errors in real-time, and explains how to correct them.

Collaborate in the cloud

Access anywhere there’s WIFI and collaborate with your team in real time. And breathe easy knowing your work is backed up automatically.1

Flexible for all income allocation needs

Don't worry about running through various scenarios and tax calculations.

Quick allocation

Save time with automatic expense allocation, or choose another allocation method — equal, percentage, or fixed amount.

QuickBooks Online Accountant dashboard showing income to be allocated to beneficiaries.

Key features

T3 Express

T3 Express has the most common data entry fields including beneficiary information in one place.

Seamlessly start from a T1 return

Hit the start button and Pro Tax will create a T3 return and pull key data seamlessly from the T1 return.

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Comprehensive forms available (EN)

Access T3 tax slips and worksheets, T3 federal and other special trust returns, as well as business, rental, and farming statements (T2125, T776 and T2042).

Get a free 30-minute onboarding call

Pro Tax customers (including those on a free trial) can talk to an expert
to get help with set up, migrating files, and much more.

File T3 trust returns online

Pro Tax T3
  • Unlimited digital signatures and T3 returns
  • File returns in one central place
  • File T3 returns in the same place you do your T1 (personal) and T2 (corporate) returns
  • Seamless and easy T3 filing
  • Comprehensive forms available (EN)
  • Easily EFILE unlimited T3 returns - coming soon!
  • Access T3 tax slips and worksheets, T3 federal and other special trust returns, and business, rental, and farming statements (T2125, T776 and T2042) with integrated asset-tracking and CCA calculations
  • T3 Express has the most common data entry for easy input
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Unlimited T1, T2, T3, and FX filings

Québec forms are not included

You will need a free QuickBooks Online Accountant login to access Pro Tax

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