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How to Make a Receipt

Receipts represent a necessary fixture of your point-of-sale or e-commerce business for several reasons. Receipts show customers at your business precisely how much they paid for items. These documents also reveal how much GST/HST goes to the Canada Revenue Agency. It’s also a good idea to issue receipts so you have a clear paper trail if a customer needs to return an item.

How Do You Make a Receipt?

Easily make a receipt for your accounting software by following these simple steps in QuickBooks.

  1. From your dashboard, click on the plus sign and then under Customers, click on Sales Receipt.
  2. Enter the customer’s name and click Save.
  3. Enter your products or services you provided for the customer along with any notes describing them.
  4. Choose the Income Account. This is so QuickBooks knows how to file away the payment for making reports.
  5. Enter the payment method, such as cash, cheque, credit card or debit card. When paying by cheque, you can input the cheque number.
  6. Choose a bank account to deposit the funds.
  7. Preview the receipt to see what it looks like, then print it for the customer in front of you or send it by email to your e-commerce customer.
  8. Record the deposit by going to the plus sign, Other, then Bank Deposit.

Convenience of Creating Receipts

Mobile computing with smartphones and tablets allows you to take full advantage of QuickBooks’ ability to generate receipts for your business, whether you are behind a checkout counter, somewhere in your store, or at an event or show. QuickBooks also organizes receipts for recall later or for creating custom reports that let you see the financial health of your company.

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