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How to Reconcile Accounts in QuickBooks Online

When you reconcile an account, you make sure that the information recorded is correct. QuickBooks Online allows you to reconcile your accounts easily. To do that, take the following steps:

  1. Click the Gear menu at the top of QuickBooks and select Reconcile in the Tools section.
  2. Select an account in the Account drop-down list and click the Reconcile Now button.
  3. Look at your bank statement for the selected account.
  4. Enter the statement end date and ending balance amount of the bank statement into the corresponding text boxes in QuickBooks.
  5. Compare the transactions on your bank statement with the transactions in QuickBooks.
  6. Check the checkbox in front of each matched transaction.
  7. When all the transactions matched, the Difference value at the bottom should show zero.
  8. Click the Finish Now button.

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