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Best QuickBooks Features and Apps for Restaurants

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If you run a restaurant, you need accounting software that can support your unique needs as a restaurateur. QuickBooks offers a range of features that can help you, including QuickBooks-compatible apps that are designed for restaurants in particular.

Remote Access

Running a restaurant takes countless hours. In many cases, those hours tend to consist of late nights, weekends, and often holidays. As a result, when you finally get a moment to spend with your family or do other things, you don’t want to have to run back to the restaurant for any reason. Luckily, QuickBooks Online has many features that can be accessed remotely. This allows you to field calls from vendors, employees, clients, and other stakeholders, all while having the accounting information you need to answer their questions at your fingertips.

Point-of-Sale Apps

To handle the distinct demands of your industry, you need a point-of-sale (POS) system designed for restaurants in particular. Revel allows you to enter orders and ring up diners, but the app also offers features such as table layouts to help manage seating and reservations, custom menu building tools, and catering management add-ons. To run this POS, you simply need an iPad, and if you like, you can buy multiple iPads and use the app for table-side orders.

Alternatively, if you focus more on the bar side of your establishment, you may want to look at Revel’s bar POS system. This lets you create and manage taxes easily, and also ensures you never lose track of your liquor inventory. Finally, you can sync the relevant sales information with your accounting software.

Scheduling Apps

When scheduling employees, you have to estimate how many diners you are likely to have, so that you have enough hands on deck but not so many people that you lose money through payroll. At the same time, you also have to take into account time off requests and who can handle which job. For example, you have to be sure that you don’t accidentally only schedule prep cooks and no one who knows how to work the grill.

The right scheduling app can help with that. For example, NimbleSchedule lets you create schedules, which your staff can check remotely online. The program also allows staff to check in or out from their shifts, and notifies you when workers hit overtime. Finally, this app and many others syncs with your QuickBooks Online software so you don’t have to key in payroll numbers by hand. However, if you frequently have employees working off-site at catering events, you may want a scheduling app that allows remote login on mobile devices.

Payroll Features

QuickBooks Online payroll features are also essential for restaurant owners. In particular, with this software, you can pay your employees remotely through direct deposit. This is essential for employees who live paycheque to paycheque and don’t want to come into work on their days off to fetch their paycheque.

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