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Tracking Inventory for Your Brick and Mortar Store

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If you run a brick and mortar shop, you need a quality system that can help you track your shop inventory. The right inventory management tools allow you to see what inventory you have on hand, support invoicing, purchase orders, cost tracking, and more.

Brick and Mortar Shop Inventory Systems

SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory lets you enter inventory manually and assign a location and serial number for each item. Using the location and serial number, you can track each item’s cost history and assess overall profitability. SOS Inventory syncs with your QuickBooks Online account, saving you the burden of manual entry and reducing errors. By creating a sales order in SOS inventory, you can sync your data with QuickBooks, generate an invoice, issue a sales receipts, and update your accounting records.

If you run a manufacturing facility, SOS Inventory lets you track raw inventory as well as finished assemblies. Use it to track work-in-progress so you know what’s happening with all of your inventory and so you can let customers know when their products are ready.

QR Inventory

If you prefer to catalog inventory by scanning rather than manual entry, you may like QR Inventory. This cloud-based mobile inventory software creates inventory records by scanning QR codes, barcodes, or NFC tags with a smartphone or tablet. Add descriptions to items using QR Inventory, and even attach photos for visual reference. If you deliver, use QR Inventory to track the location of your items while they are in transit. You simply need your warehouse employees and delivery drivers to update the location of an item when it’s on the service van, at the customer’s address, or in another location. QR Inventory also syncs with Quickbooks and keeps your financials up to date.


Unleashed offers tools to help you track your inventory from an online application. The dashboard shows inventory levels and profit margins, giving you the information you need to assess which products are performing well. Because the app is cloud-based, you can sign into your account from anywhere on a smartphone or tablet and assess how your company is doing. With its native integration, you can get up-to-the-minute stock counts and sales margins in Unleashed, and instant updates to QuickBooks.

With Unleashed, you can track exactly how much each product costs. In addition to recording what you paid for the product, this app also tracks average shipping costs. If shipping costs, duties, or customs increase, Unleashed adjusts your profit margin accordingly. If you have brick-and-mortar shops in multiple countries, this program can track sales in multiple currencies. When you sync it with your retail accounting software, you can also instruct it to convert overseas sales into Canadian dollars.

DEAR Inventory

DEAR Inventory is a simple, all-in-one accounting and inventory software package for small to medium businesses in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and food production sectors. If you support your shop with an online presence, you can also integrate your online inventory from your e-commerce site. This program syncs with Quickbooks to manage costs and maximize.

Quickbooks Compatible Inventory Apps

You can find all of these applications and more in the Quickbooks app store. Choose which option works best depending upon the kind of inventory your store handles. QuickBooks can simplify management of both brick and mortar inventory and online inventory. 4.3 million customers use QuickBooks. Join them today to help your business thrive for free.

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