Cash flow

The beginner’s guide to cash flow [EBook]

Cash flow is an important aspect to any business. Download your free copy of a QuickBooks exclusive EBook that outlines everything a small to medium sized business owner needs to know about cash flow.

Think of cash flow like your car’s gas tank. You fill up the tank with gas, and it empties as you drive. The goal, however, is to always have enough gas in your tank so you never run on empty. In the same way, cash flow is the movement of cash in and out of your business and your bank account. Cash inflows are your sources of income, and cash outflows are your business expenses. Naturally, positive cash flow is better than negative cash flow.

In this EBook you will learn why cash flow is important to your business, what a cash flow statement is, the differences between cash floor and profit, different types of accounting and more.

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