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Why Your E-Commerce Small Business Website Needs an Faq Page

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The main reason why your small business e-commerce website needs a frequently asked questions page is because customers are typically looking for answers to several commonly asked questions. Having an FAQ page serves your customers’ needs, an essential part of building customer relationships. However, there are also multiple benefits to your business that can be obtained by having an FAQ page, as long as the page is well-crafted.

Benefits of a Good FAQ page

Having a solid FAQ page helps to remove obstacles to potential customers. New customers especially are often hesitant about making their first online purchase from a merchant they’re unfamiliar with. An FAQ page can help to alleviate any concerns they may have, making them more comfortable with hitting the Buy button. An FAQ page helps to initiate and maintain solid customer relationships.

An FAQ page can be a money saver, or revenue increaser, for your small business, as it helps to reduce returns and other customer service issues. If your company sells clothing, an FAQ page with information about garment sizing can greatly reduce returns and refund requests or costly exchanges. A good FAQ page can also increase your bottom-line profits by saving time. Your FAQ page can effectively handle commonly asked questions, freeing up your customer service staff to give more extensive and personalized attention to more complex customer service issues that arise.

Having a good FAQ page can also improve the overall search engine optimization of your website, as well as making it easier for prospective customers to navigate your site and find the information they need before making a purchase from you.

Putting Together a Good FAQ Page

An FAQ page should address genuine frequently asked questions, not just questions you want customers to ask. Once you’ve been in business for any length of time, you should have a pretty good idea of the most commonly asked questions potential customers pose.

Organize your FAQ by using categories that contain related questions. Common FAQ categories for an e-commerce site include shipping, exchanges and returns, and order tracking.

Make the answers in your FAQ clear and concise. You don’t want your answer to confuse a potential customer. Try to craft your FAQ answers in a way that reflects positively on your business and enhances your brand image. For example, in answering a question on handling exchanges, express your pleasant willingness to exchange products whenever the need arises rather than just offering a cold, procedural answer.

A really well-crafted FAQ includes links back to purchase pages, letting a customer easily transition from having a question answered to ordering from you. For example, the answer to a question such as, “What makes your (product ‘X’) better than other similar products?” can conclude with a link back to the product page where the customer can add the item to an online shopping cart.

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