2016-11-09 00:00:00 Invoicing English Keep accurate invoice and payment records in order to have your business function smoothly and avoid a cash crunch. https://d1bkf7psx818ah.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/08214849/Archival-Boxes-Storing-Paper-Records-Of-Invoices-And-Customer-Payments.jpg Keep Accurate Records of Invoices and Customer Payments

Keep Accurate Records of Invoices and Customer Payments

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It is important for all businesses to track invoices sent to customers and the corresponding payments. However, it is critical for a small business to keep accurate records, since this impacts your cash flow. You need an efficient invoicing system in place to monitor the bills you send to your customers and record the corresponding payments to ensure you are getting paid in a timely manner for your work. Sloppy bookkeeping can allow customers to delay payment or avoid paying altogether. The delay in receiving cash can prove fatal to your small business venture.

QuickBooks allows you to easily send invoices and track payments.

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