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A Guide to Video Marketing for Restaurants

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When it comes to engaging customers and encouraging repeat visits to your restaurant, nothing delivers like video marketing. Watching a steak sizzle or imagining the taste of that scrumptious slice of cake on the screen makes people want to eat and with the advent of YouTube and social media, it’s easy to create something that entices viewers to choose your restaurant to satisfy their cravings.

Is Video Marketing Worth the Cost?

When it comes to marketing your restaurant, a video is often worth more than pictures and articles combined. According to Google, about 50% of internet searchers look for a video before making a purchasing decision. Food service businesses are particularly well-suited to take advantage of the growing trend of video; people generally enjoy looking at food, and it’s not difficult to make something look delicious on camera. Making video content is easier than ever, but it does take time and money to produce high-quality videos that will lure customers in. Hiring a professional to handle the filming and editing simplifies things on your end, but the costs can add up quickly. Taking a do-it-yourself approach is another option; you can film on your smartphone as long as you have sufficient lighting. Homemade videos also offer an authentic feel that engenders trust.

Crafting Tasty Videos that Get People Talking

Restaurants have plenty of options when it comes to choosing content for their videos. It’s important to make your video entertaining, educational, or both. A basic, boring advertisement can’t command attention in the crowded social video market, so you need to create something that keeps viewers watching until the end. Videos that give customers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the chefs at work or the farmers that provide the ingredients you use can be a draw for consumers who want a personal connection along with their food. How-to videos showing restaurant guests how to replicate popular menu items are another option. Turn a set of videos into a cooking series featuring your head chef to draw people back to your restaurant website on a regular basis and remind them to stop in for a meal.

Making the Most of Your Food-Themed Video Content

Your online video is only valuable if people actually see it. Post every new video on your restaurant’s social media pages, and tell diners about your YouTube page or website. Respond to any comments on your videos to encourage engagement. Not every video will be a viral hit, but if you keep posting, something might eventually take off and bring some extra attention to your restaurant. Delivering consistent video content builds a connection with customers and makes them talk about your restaurant to their friends and family members. Building a library of online video content can bring a greater reach and more emotional impact to your restaurant’s marketing.

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