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Canadian Grants for Arts Organizations

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If you operate an arts-based nonprofit organization, then grant funding may represent a major financial resource. There are grants available at the national, provincial, and municipal levels of government. Research potential grant opportunities thoroughly, according to the location of your nonprofit.

Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts is the primary public funding resource for the arts in Canada nationally. The Council awards thousands of grants, prizes, and other financial support to Canadian artists and arts-based organizations each year. In 2015-2016, the Council handed out nearly $150 million in grant money. To be eligible to apply for a grant, your nonprofit organization has to create an account with the Council. Along with creating an account, you also need to register one or more profiles for your organization. Profiles indicate your organizations involvement with different artistic disciplines, such as painting and sculpture. It’s important to fill out a profile for all the types of art that your nonprofit supports, because your profiles with the Council determine which of its programs you can apply for to receive grant funding. Competition for grants is intense, so if you may want to consider outsourcing writing grant applications to a freelance writer with experience in the field to increase your chances of approval. Note all the requirements that apply if you do receive a grant from the Council, such as acknowledging the Council’s support in any promotional material your organization publishes related to grant-related activities or programs. Because the grant and other funding opportunities available through the Council for the Arts change regularly from year to year, once you’ve signed up with the organization, it’s a good idea to check their website periodically for possible new grants available. The Council’s website provides clear instructions for creating an account and applying for grants.

Other Possible Funding Sources

There are a number of other grants and other free or low-cost funding resources that your organization can research and consider. For example, if your nonprofit is located or operates in Ontario, Canada Business Ontario provides a lengthy list of other potential sources of grant funding, such as the Ontario Arts Council and Telefilm Canada. The Canada Business Network can also help you find potential grant opportunities in other provinces. Artists in Canada is another organization that can help you research grant funding opportunities throughout the country. It provides an extensive list of arts-related organizations throughout Canada, including provincial and municipal organizations that provide grants for support of the arts. Don’t neglect checking out other possible sources for grant money for nonprofits, not specifically related to the arts. The Royal Bank of Canada, the Mixed Capital Opportunities Fund in Toronto, and the 4Cs Foundation in Halifax are just a few of the many organizations that provide funding to nonprofits. Receiving a grant can be a major step in funding activities or programs for your nonprofit organization. There are plenty of grant opportunities throughout Canada, so research them carefully and select the ones that best fit your nonprofit’s mission to apply for.

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