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3 Helpful Apps for Fitness Professionals

Many fitness professionals operate as independent contractors or small business owners. If you run your own fitness-related business as a trainer, health coach, or fitness instructor, you’ve got to keep track of a lot of moving parts in your business. These programs and apps can help you manage your business and succeed as a fitness professional.


MINDYBODY is a feature-rich business program for fitness professionals that offers everything from scheduling classes to point-of-sale transactions. The program features tools and apps you can use to manage every part of your business. The program includes marketing software that lets you keep in touch with clients, reach out to potential customers, and offer special rates and discounts any time you complete a transaction and receive payment. Other tools available through this program let you create booking logs for classes, offer advanced placement to return customers, and receive instant notifications when clients show up to appointments.

Quickbooks’ Self-Employed App

The QuickBooks Self-Employed app has several features that can help you manage your business and accounting affairs. As a fitness professional, you’re always on the go, and this app is ideal for the mobile professional. As you travel, it’s important to keep track of expenses related to mileage; this app records trips by linking to the GPS in your phone or other mobile device. You can also keep a record of the trip in case you’ll be making the same journey frequently, perhaps to meet up with a new client. The app also connects to your banking information and keeps track of your spending. You can indicate whether charges are personal or business-related; the app will keep a running list and total of both. The Self-Employed app also creates concise invoices to bill your clients, and it stores the invoices so you can find them later.

The Training Notebook

The Training Notebook is an all-inclusive app that lets you run your fitness business from a mobile device. The app has a low one-time download fee, but it saves you from having to spend more money on downloading multiple apps to perform all of the functions that the Training Notebook can do for you. The Training Notebook keeps a detailed record of all of your clients’ information, including the programs they are responding best to and their progress. The app also features an assessment tool, with measurements and graphs, as well as tools to build and store workout routines. You can save these routines as templates to use with multiple clients, and it’s easy to scale the workouts up or down to suit each of your clients. Another feature of the app is an appointment calendar, which includes a reminder feature to keep you on top of your schedule. Take advantage of these apps and programs to help you smoothly and efficiently manage your fitness business and offer better service to your clients.

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