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Recordkeeping Made Simple: 9 Document Management Systems for Small Businesses

From receipts and invoices to project proposals and customer correspondence, small businesses generate tons of paperwork. More often than not, these files reside in various locations, including filing cabinets, desk drawers, and personal computers, and it takes the average professional about 18 minutes to locate a document when it's needed. Effective document management software brings all of your important paperwork together in an easily accessible, digital location to simplify recordkeeping and to eliminate lost documents. The best option for your small business depends on your needs and budget.

eFileCabinet Online

Originally designed for accounting firms, eFileCabinet Online offers a convenient, cloud-based storage solution for a variety of small business industries, including retail, manufacturing, and construction. Three subscription plans are available, depending on storage space and features. All plans allow users to upload, search, and securely share files from any device with internet access, and the mobile app makes it easy to scan receipts or share documents on the go.

Hubdoc Small Business Accounting App

Hubdoc streamlines the accounting process and makes it easy to go paperless. This software retrieves online bills, receipts, and statements, and automatically syncs with most financial institutions to organize and store your financial records. Accounting professionals appreciate Hubdoc’s seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, and its ease of use makes it a time-saving accounting tool for other industries. A monthly subscription supports one user and an unlimited number of collaborators.

Box for Business

Another cloud-based document management solution, Box supports more than 200 types of files, including spreadsheets, videos, and Photoshop documents. It offers a simple and secure way to store and search all of your company’s important papers, but Box is especially useful when you need to share or collaborate with clients or team members. With a feature-rich mobile app, Box is a versatile tool for contractors, consultants, and other professionals who need to share and edit documents on the go.


A variety of small businesses manage their documents with Evernote because of the software’s diverse features and wide range of price points. Basic accounts are free and ideal for personal use, while business accounts include premium search features, secure real-time collaboration, and easy one-click capabilities for presentations. Use Evernote to scan receipts, track time, manage invoices, or organize project notes, and access your documents from any device or platform.

Bolt Software for Contractors

Bolt is more than a document management system. This robust software handles scheduling, customer communications, and expense tracking on a job-by-job basis so it is a favourite among contractors. Electricians, plumbers, and other subcontractors can use Bolt to download and process work orders directly from the builder, and the mobile app makes it easy to document changes at the job site or on the go. Bolt is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online and Enterprise for easy bookkeeping.

Zoho Apps

Zoho offers a comprehensive collection of apps for companies in various industries, including document management, expense tracking, and invoicing for small businesses. Zoho Docs stores and organizes dozens of different document types, and it's easy for users to search, share, and collaborate from any location. Books is a cloud-based accounting system that tracks inventory, sales, and expenses for small businesses in the retail, hospitality, and service-based industries. Zoho also has apps for receipt scanning, online meetings, and team management, and functional free versions are available for most Zoho products.

LedgerDocs Business Accounting App

Accountants who use QuickBooks Online appreciate the simplicity of LedgerDocs. This app does an excellent job organizing financial documents, such as receipts, bank statements, and invoices, and transactions are ready for entry into QuickBooks with a single click. Users may scan documents with a smartphone or receipt scanner, email the files, or transfer them through a service such as Dropbox. LedgerDocs offers several subscription plans, depending on the number of companies tracked and the number of users, and collaborators have the ability to make comments, ask questions, or add tags to each document.


Versatile enough to suit the needs of most industries, FileHold gives small and large businesses an easy way to digitize their documents. Small businesses often use FileHold Express to scan and store various types of paperwork, and FileHold Enterprise supports additional users. The software extracts data from electronic documents to improve searchability, and it lets individual users create their own views and file structures. FileHold operates as a cloud-based document management system, or the software can be installed on your local machine and integrated with Microsoft. Training and implementation options are also available.


Effective document management is especially important when you’re tracking accounts payable and managing supplier invoices. Beanworks captures, organizes, and stores company invoices so payments and searches are easier, and the software integrates with QuickBooks to simplify recordkeeping. Two subscription options are available, depending on the number of invoices processed each month. Both versions include cash-back rewards when supplier payments are made using eligible credit cards.

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