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What is Field Service Management?

In the past, small business owners had a hard time keeping track of resources such as vehicles, inventory and employees in the field. They ended up losing money and customers weren’t happy. Today, cloud computing and field services management software help you stay on top of everything that’s happening in the field, which in turn maximizes your revenue and increases customer satisfaction.

Here’s an example of how field services management works: Say you own a plumbing business. With software such as Field Pro Max and Map My Customers, you can check your field techs’ availability, assign work orders, communicate with entire teams, keep track of parts as they’re used in the field, and even see where your technicians are in the field through your software’s GPS feature. The best thing about field services management is that all of your team members can access the software on their mobile devices via your software of choice’s accompanying mobile app. You can communicate with your team in real time by phone, email or chat, which keeps everyone on the same page throughout the workday.

Small business owners like field services management apps because they improve customer service and increase revenue. For example, such software lets you keep a close eye on your field techs as they work. That way, if a tech gets held up at a service call, you can assign someone else to serve your other clients who are waiting, keeping them happy. You can also use field service management software to send invoices and accept various forms of payment so you get paid faster.

There are numerous field services management software and mobile apps available. The key to success is experimenting and choosing one that best fits your business' needs.

Please note from the above list, some apps features are available only in English.

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